Top 3 Foliage Choices

May 26, 2017

Top 3 Foliage Choices

Here at Black Crate we love to use natural elements for our photography and visual merchandising. Unlike many brands we don’t tend to use food as a styling tool, however it can very much be when you are creative with colours and textures involved. As well as using ‘greenery’ for our everyday Black Crate lives, the addition of various plants can soften your table setting or be a dramatic touch to a dark tonal setting you may have planned for a certain event.
Here are our top 3 picks:
Native to South Africa, they are also called Sugarbushes and are a symbol of change and hope. Our tip is to either have long stems (30cm-40cm) to create height in the centre of your table or even cluster the flowers in the middle of the table around your platter showcasing your star dish for the event!
White Protea featured with our Atlantic Lantern
Olive Branch
 The worldwide symbol of peace or victory, olive branches work perfectly with your black dining setting as the purple mini olives and the silver underside of the leaf of the branches work well with the tones. Be sure to trim the branch to be full of foliage and not show too much stem. The incorporation of the olive branches on the table for a seasonal feast of roast or Mediterranean cuisine is ideal to bring the freshness and aroma to the table. Pair off with classic olive oils bottled in our Roscoe bottles, and the place setting will take you on a journey into the heart of the Tuscan landscape.
Purple olive branch paired with the Roscoe Bottle in large
Billy Balls or Woollyheads
 With the proper name of Craspedia, these adorable flowers are native to Australia and New Zealand where they grow in all areas however are only found naturally in certain parts of both countries. The hearty little balls can last without water for long periods of time and don’t really have a scent, making them a perfect little piece to place on your dining table  every time you sit down to add a little colour and fun. The vibrant yellow is our favourite against our black dinner sets!
Bunch of Billy Balls with our Dante collection in fresh white.
Billy Balls with our Nico bottles

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